In addition to the indexing of the collections and the series of publications articles pertaining to the history of individual collections, their development and their points of emphasis will be presented in a „Handbuch der Historischen Buchbestände in Südtirol“ [Handbook of Historical Book Collections in South Tyrol]. The articles will contain an information section with opening times, contact addresses, existing catalogue and technical assistance. A literary index rounds of the article.In the current planning stage the structure of the articles, which for the most part will be written by people responsible for the libraries and project participants, follow the strategy used in the projects completed under auspices of Prof. Bernard Fabian in Germany and Austria.
At the moment, a data base of literature is being built up which is at the disposal of project participants. It also includes archive material from which the history of a library can be deduced.
Over and above this and in addition to existing catalogues the books are the most important source. Here we find often find indications of ownership, details of purchase or donation as well as signature systems which reflect the structure and use of the library.