Bibliogamma ONLUS

The Bibliogamma Cooperative

The purposes and objectives of the Cooperative Bibliogamma include the availability and organisation of library services such as the cataloguing, inventory and arranging and/or rearranging of archives and collections. Above all, the refurbishment of historical and modern collections [cataloguing in accordance with scientific and international standards, retro-conversion for digital and audio-visual media], research and initiatives within the literary context, cooperation with socio-public institutions within the fields of culture, libraries and collections, as well as other public and private facilities.

In particular, the objectives of the Cooperative lay in the public availability of historical collections through the indexing and processing of cultural and public assets: e.g. historic book collections. The Cooperative Bibliogamma has held the trusteeship of the EHB project since January 2002.

Bibliogamma is a member of The South Tyrolean Cooperative Alliance LegaCoop


Stephan Tratter, BSc.
(chairman and legal representative)
Siebenbrunnengasse 17/2
A – 1050 Wien
Dr. Walter Garber
(vice president)
Plankensteinstraße 8
I-39012 Meran
Dr. Benjamin Santer
(board member)
Karthaus 110
I-39020 Schnals