Picture service

The picture service offers visual material in [300dpi] print quality on the various EHB Project libraries.
Click on the pictures to start the download of the images available. All images are subject to copyright regulations.

Franciscan Convent of Bozen
The library door. Cm 15,8×8,8 [jpg, 1022 KB]

Phil.-Theol. College Brixen
The baroque library. Cm 8,6×8,4 [jpg, 1114 KB]

Library of the Augustinian Abbey Neustift
Missale [1526]. Cm 21×11,5 [jpg, 2460 KB]

Library of the Lana Capuchins
Dominicale [1693]. Cm 9,9×6,6 [jpg, 970 KB]

Donatus Faetius [the first south-tyrolean publisher]
Device. Cm 3,8×4,2 [jpg, 178 KB]

John Barclay, Argenis [Frankfurt, 1626]
Frontispiece. Cm 10×14,6 [jpg, 1432 KB]