In accordance with Data Protection Code issued by the Italian Government in Presidential Decree No. 196 dated 30th June 2003 we herewith declare and inform that the Social Cooperative Bibliogamma ONLUS, Plankensteinstrasse 8, 39012 Meran (BZ), Italy the person details [name, address, e-mail address, etc.] of visitors to the website, customers, suppliers, and others who provide the Social Cooperative Bibliogamma ONLUS or with their personal details personally or through third parties e.g. the gathering of external data to be used in business or public indexes etc. are recorded. This refers exclusively to data of an everyday and readily available nature.

The Social Cooperative Bibliogamma ONLUS guarantee, within the regulations set out in the Data Protection Code that the processing and use of personal details will be carried out under consideration of the protection of identity and protection of basic rights and freedoms as well as the dignity of the persons concerned.
The object and purpose of this data processing:

· The fulfilment of legal obligations expressed in regulations and standards as well as civil and fiscal law.
· The fulfilment of possible obligations to persons concerned
· The carrying out of tasks associated with the concerns of The Social Cooperative Bibliogamma ONLUS such as the completion of internal statistics, support of invoices as well as customer and supplier book keeping.
· Setting of objectives such as business and advertising information [per post, fax and e-mail], marketing and market research
· Protection and promotion of administration and financial responsibility
· Objectives regarding insurance

With reference to the above personal details could according to demand be given to :

· Public administration and authorities where it is legally required
· Banks and financial institutions where our organisation has financial connections regarding financial obligations and credit
· To public and private, natural and legal persons [lawyers, tax accountants, courts, Chamber of Trade etc.] where the giving of information is necessary or useful for the carrying out of our business in accordance with the objectives of the organisation.

Personal details processed internally by our organisation are not subject to inadvertent exposure.
Data processing can be carried out electronically or otherwise, automatic recording always takes place in accordance with Article 4, letter a, of Presidential Decree No 196 dated 30th June 2003 concerning and referring to data processing. Data processing only takes place where conditions of security and secrecy can be guaranteed.

The data protection code provides for the exercising of certain rights in accordance with Article 7. In detail; the individual has the right to know which personal details are known and be informed as to their origin, how they are recorded, and the purpose of their processing and in an understandable form as well as details of the owner, details of those responsible for the data and details of those/that who/which could be given access to the information.

Those concerned have the right to confirm and check their personal details, to correct and to add, to request that the information is deleted, locked and replaced with anonymous information without reason where personal details are used for commercial purposes, the sending of advertising, direct sales, marketing and/or market research.

The rights mentioned above can be exercised by persons concerned, or by persons employed by him to exercise these rights, per request to the owner of Processed Data The Social Cooperative Bibliogamma ONLUS, Plankensteinstrasse 8, 39012 Meran (BZ), Italy legally represented by Dr. Walter Garber,