Frequently Asked Questions

How is Opac used?

Opac [Online Public Access Catalogue] is a digital library catalogue through which it is possible to search for a book. Firstly, open “Opac” on the start page links and then click “Online-Catalogue”. The search form is opened where the complete or partial title and/or author’ name must be inserted in “Stichwort”. To search click “search” or as an alternative press enter. The list of available titles in the EHB catalogue will appear on the screen [see the example on the right!]. Choose the title in which you are interested. Information on the book can be seen on the right side of the screen. Here you can find the library where the book is located [Standort] and the appropriate library signature [Signatur]. An advanced search according to various other criteria is also possible [title, author, year of publication etc.], click on “Erweitete Suche” at the top right of the search page.

How can I use the books I have found?

After completing the search, contact the library concerned and agree an appointment as to where and where you can see the books you are looking for. For the libraries within the confines of certain religious orders there are rules regarding religious conclave. In this case you will be designated a room outside the confines of the order in which you can use the book. These books can not be borrowed or lent!

Where are the libraries?

Contact details for those responsible for the collections [contact person, telephone number, fax number, e-mail address, and website] can be found on the page referring to individual libraries. A map is included for those located in large towns.

Can I visit the library?

For a possible visit to an historical library an appointment should be made with the contact person for that library.

Where is the EHB headquarters?

The legally recognized premises for the “Bibliogamma” cooperative are in Stegen by Bruneck. Work is carried out on location at the various libraries. The addresses can be found on the website under “Contact”.

How did the EHB project originate?

The EHB project was brought to life by the Südtiroler Sparkasse Stiftung [South Tyrolean Savings Bank Foundation] in 1997. The purpose of the project is to protect the book heritage of the Province Bozen in that an online catalogue is created which can be used by researchers and the general public thereby providing access to collections of books which are generally closed.
You can find more information about EHB on the “About EHB” and “A word of welcome” pages.