Library of the Servite Convent of Maria Weissenstein

The Maria Weissenstein Monastery at an altitude of 1520 metres is the focal point of the place of pilgrimage of the same name and goes back to the 16th century. From 1717 to today the Servite Order has looked after pilgrims. The origins of today`s library are more recent. Under Josef II the monastery was abolished (1787) and the collection of books was lost in the confusion of the times. In the 20th century the annexation of South Tyrol by Italy brought a change in provincial responsibility. The Servite monks, who belonged to the Provincial Order Tyrol, had to leave due to pressure from the Italian fascist regime. Since then the monastery has been run by Servite monks from the Provincial Order Venice.
The small historical library consists of 2,500 volumes to which approx. 8,000 modern volumes have been added. A part of the collection originates from the Servite Monastery in Innsbruck, an indication of the close cooperation within the order. In recent years a modern educational centre has been established which also has its own library. In this way the tradition of the Monastery Library have been taken over and modified for modern times. The library objective is to cover the areas of popular piety and spirituality.



Servite Convent of Maria Weissenstein
I-39040 Weissenstein

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