Library of the Capuchins of Neumarkt

The Capuchin Monastery at Neumarkt was built from 1617 – 1621. The master builder appointed by the monastery was P. Angelus Pichler who was born in Neumarkt and had considerable building experience through his work on monastery buildings in Bavaria and Bohemia. Originally the library was in the same room that it is in today, perhaps a little larger. The great number of books from the founding period shows that in addition to discipline and observance, pastoral care also played a major role. In the library the monks, who been recently relocated in the monastery, found all the usual standard works as well as a range of good books appropriate to the period. Next to the refectory and oratory, the library was the third most important room used collectively.
Unfortunately during the leasing of the west wing to the “Weisse Kreuz” [White Cross para-medic service] the collection was damaged. The old wooden shelves were removed and the books provisionally stored on metal shelves set up in the corridor of the west wing. Due to carelessness books, especially books on the natural science were lost during this operation. P Nikolaus Ghencev wanted to reorder the collection. He arranged the books according to size and form and began to index them according to author and subject. However, he did not get beyond the initial stages. The collection consists of 6,400 works of which 3,323 appeared before 1900 the rest are more modern publications dated after 1900.

Walter Garber, Die Kapuzinerbibliotheken von Lana und Neumarkt, Brixen 2010



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