Capuchins of Lana

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The Capuchins have had their own dependency in Lana since 1667. For many years the Capuchins have enjoyed the recognition of the local population due to their service as preachers and their work in basic pastoral care. Over and above this, at the time of the Plague and during cholera epidemics they cared for the sick and dying with great dedication. At the same time they offered pastoral care to pilgrims visiting their churches. Again and again The Capuchins in Lana struggled against political opposition such as the monastery closures under Emperor Joseph II and later the Bavarian-French occupation.
The monastery library consists of over 12,000 works including 11 incunabula. In the summer of 2004 the collection was transferred to the German Order in Lana and is set up as a unified single collection in a separate room of the library. The signature system and the order were taken over in their entirety. The transfer took place due to the renovation and the reorganized use of space at the Capuchin Monastery.
The indexing of the historic book collection carried out by the EHB took place within the rooms of the German Order in Lana from autumn 2004 to spring 2007.

Walter Garber, Die Kapuzinerbibliotheken von Lana und Neumarkt, Brixen 2010



Location: Convent of the German Order Lana

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