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The Vinzentinium is a clerical educational institute for middle school and high school pupils with a school, dormitories and day care facilities. It was founded in 1872 by Prince Bishop Vinzenz Gasser as a seminary for young men. Today the educational services include a middle school [in accordance with Italian law on compulsory education], a music school including integrated instrument training and a classical grammar school. Both schools are managed by the Diocese Bozen-Brixen. They have been an integral part of the education system since 1968/69 and have had parity with state run schools since 2003.
The educational and training activities at the Vinzentinum are comprehensive in that they try to combine content, method, social competence and personal development. A particular characteristic is the emphasis placed on broad general education and foreign languages as well as the promotion of artistic and creative talent.
In addition to the modern school library the Vinzentinum has a historic library [approx. 115,000 volumes] which belongs, in part, to the Vinzentinum and are, in part, long term loans at the disposal of the Vinzentinum. Many of these items have great historical and scientific value. The approx. 11,000 annual reports and school scripts from everywhere within the Imperial and Royal Austrian Monarchy are of special importance. The historic collections are in roll archives, modern media are, in general, in the reading room.



Library of the Vinzentinum
Brennerstraße 37
I-39042 Brixen

Reference Person: Dr. Christoph Röck
Phone: [+39] 0472 801015
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