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The private collection belonging to the hotelier family Staffler from Bozen consists of approx. 380 in part extremely rare works from various scientific disciplines. The following are most prominent; A. Phérotee de la Croix, “Relation universelle de l’Afrique ancienne et modern” [Lyon, 1688], Vitruvius, “De architectura libri X” [Strasbourg, 1550], or the richly illustrated, “Neu-eröffnete Schatzkammer verschiedener Natur- und Kunst-Wunder” [Nurnberg, 1689].
The collection was established principally by Kurt Staffler. His bookplate or an indication of ownership is found in numerous works in double form “Kurt Staffler” or in the Latin form “Conradus Staffler”. The Latin form not only testifies to his humanistic education but also represented, during the Fascist period, a cryptic formulation.
Kurt Staffler was born in Bozen in 1909, attended the “Obergymnasium” [Grammar School] in Innsbruck and acquired an excellent knowledge of Greek and Latin there. He was artistically very talented and a great collector. His transcriptions of historical handwritings and manuscripts show genial sensitivity to the various script forms in older handwritings. Kurt Staffler died young at the age of 31.
Dr. Richard Staffler was a relative of Kurt Staffler who attended the “Bozener Franziskanergymnasium” [Franciscan Grammar School, Bozen] and studied Law in Innsbruck and Prague. Numerous historical, culturally historical and ethnological studies originate from him. A part of the Staffler Collection may be directly or indirectly connected with him, e.g. some historical works, works on Jurisprudence, and works bearing the inscription “Franziskanerkloster Innichen” [Franciscan Monastery, Innichen]. For example, Antoninus Diana: “Practicae resolutiones lectissimorum casuum” [Antwerp, 1651]. Within the confines of the collected works of the Province of South Tyrol the Staffler Collection is of great value culturally and in research.

A final report on the indexing of the collection is available from Bibliogamma.



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