Library of the Franciscans of Innichen

The Franciscan Provincial Order applied to Emperor Leopold I for the founding of a monastery in Innichen in 1690. The imperial permission was granted on 5th May 1690. However, it was three years before the monastery was actually founded as the court decree was temporarily suspended. Michael Dinzl von Angerburg [1671–1706] gave the Franciscans the “Pummesguet” as a personal donation and the foundation stone was laid in 1693. In 1694 the monks could leave their provisional accommodation and move into the new building.
The monastery was almost completely destroyed by a dive bomber in 1945 on 3rd March 1945 and the content of the library was ruined. The founding stone of today`s modern Franciscan Monastery Library is the result of donations which the Franciscans called for after the end of World War II.In the meantime the library consists of 7,000 – 8,000 works. The monastery’s historical collection was brought to the Franciscan Monastery in Bozen in 1985.

> Siegfried Volgger, Das Franziskanerkloster Innichen, Bozen 1990


Location: Franciscan Convent of Bozen

Library Structure