Library of the Franciscans of Kaltern
The beginnings of the founding of a monastery at Kaltern can be traced to 1638. There was a friendly relationship between the Franciscan monks in Bozen and Sigismund Greiff citizen of Kaltern for a long time. At the instigation of Sigismund Greiff the Franciscan monks approached the village council in Kaltern with a proposal regarding the founding a monastery at Kaltern. Archduchess Claudia di Medici gave the Franciscan Order the almost ruined Rottenburg castle, west of the market square in Klaltern, on the 17th march 1638. The original plan outlining a cost intensive renovation of the castle was quickly abandoned and it was decided to have the castle knocked down as far as its foundations. The laying of the foundation stone for the new monastery took place on the 27th March 1640. In 1643 the monastery was re-designated as monastery and convent (living quarters).
In 1810 the activities of the monastery were temporarily suspended by Viceroy Eugen Beauharnais. However, the monastery could be reoccupied in 1815 at the end of Napoleonic rule. The library in the storerooms of the monastery consists of 8,059 works. Together with the collection of works from the 16th century in the Kaltern Monastery there are 8,492 items.


Franciscan Convent of Kaltern
Rottenburgerplatz 3
I-39052 Kaltern

Location: Franciscan Convent of Bozen

Phone: [+39] 0471 962244

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