Library of the Parish of Assling

The parish “Allerheiligsten Dreifaltigkeit” [Holy Trinity] in Assling in East Tyrol has been an Augustine Canon at Neustift incorporated parish since 1399. The origins of the parish library at Assling can be traced back to the early 15th century – a total of two incunabuna have survived to the present. The Sermones quadragesimales Thesauri novi from 1497 printed by Flach in Strasbourg and Sermones Thesauri novi de sanctis by Petrus de Palude. The oldest item pertaining to Tyrol is Ordo Administrandi Sacramenta, Iuxta ritum Dioecesis Brixinensis Ex eius Sacerdotali edited by the book printer Hieronymus Agricola [Paur] in Innsbruck in 1650. The collection includes two handwritten documents with a local connotation; the mass and prayer book Missale Chori Asslingensis Anno 1743 and the Einschreib-Buech Der Hochheilig Und Gnaden Reichisten Erzbrüederschafft der Allerheiligsten Dreifaltigkheit … Anno 1713. The collection hardly grew in the 16th and 17th centuries but expanded erratically in the 18th century. In total the Assling collection consists of 750 works the emphasis being on theology, fiction, law and history. The collection is accommodated in the parish rectory in two rooms. In 2006 staff from EHB transferred the library to Neustift indexed it and then returned to the rectory in Assling.

Rainhard Domanegg – Hans Kienzl, Die Pfarrbibliotheken Niederolang und Assling, Brixen 2007



Parish of the Holy Trinity
Unterassling 30
A-9911 Assling

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