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The origins of the German Order in Tyrol go back to 1202 when the diocese Bozen established a bailiff “on the river Etsch and in the mountains”. The Parish of Lana was incorporated into the order in 1396. In 1841 this institution was revitalised by the founding of the German Order Sisterhood mother house in Lanegg. In 1855 the first priest convent was founded by Peter Riegler and Grand Master Grand Duke Maximillian. As a result of the fundamental reforms introduced by P. Peter Rigler Lana became the secret focal point of the order. To this day Lana is the centre of the Order Province South Tyrol.
The parishes of Lengmoos, Lengstein, Unterinn, Oberin, Wangen, Sarntein, and St. Leonard in Passeier, Völlan, Siebeneich and Gargazon are connected to the “Deutschhaus” [German House] in Lana. Many of the parishes have considerable collections of books. Although they are not yet indexed these parish libraries also belong to the German Order book network. The approx. 50,000 volumes belonging to the German Order in Lana were ordered according to subject during the indexing process and set up in the newly arranged library. There has been a separate room dedicated to the Capuchin Lana collection since summer 2004.



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