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Library of the Philosophical-Theological College

As part of the implementation of the Council of Trento [1545 – 1563] a seminary was founded in Brixen in 1607 to train the priests of the diocese in pastoral care. Originally located elsewhere, today`s building goes back to a reconstruction in the 18th century [1764 – 1771]. This reconstruction also included the library which was completed in 1772. The two storey baroque room accommodates the oldest part of the collection including the Prince-Bishop of Brixen`s private library. The oldest are incunabula [pre-1501]. In addition to various manuscripts, over 300 works have been proved to be incunabula.
As early as the 16th century books were not only collected but also printed in Brixen. The Choirmaster in Brixen, Donatus Faetius, published more than 40 works during his time in office. However, the real tradition of printing in Brixen begins in mid-17th century. The volumes in the library document more than 400 hundred years of printing tradition in the town on the Eisack and Rienz.
In the meantime the Philosophical-Theological library consists of more than 180,000 volumes, approx. 300 current journals and various databases. The manifold and valuable collections included in the library are open to everyone who is interested. Since 1998 there has been extensive cooperation with the newly founded Free University of Bozen-Bolzano at its Brixen campus.



Library of the Philosophical-Theological College of Brixen
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