Pharmacy Museum

Library of the Brixen Pharmacy Museum

The Museum of Pharmacy in Brixen has been open to visitors since 2002. Its specialist exhibits from pharmacy such as tablet presses, pill or suppository forms make it a treasure chest for amateurs and professionals. The equipment displayed, remedies, containers and packages originate from everyday use by pharmacists and illustrate progress and change in pharmacology using the example of a genuine chemist`s shop interior. Almost 400 uninterrupted years of pharmacy history is extensively documented.
The books in the library reflect five hundred years of versatility and range in pharmacology unifying the various natural sciences. Books on herbal remedies and collections of recipes, physical and chemical instructions, medical essays and botanical definitions have been a fundamental part of the chemist`s shop for centuries. In the future this valuable library will be open to interested students and doctoral candidates for research purposes. Opportunities for in-depth research are available to visitors at the museum. The smaller reading area with its reference library is more suitable for browsing.

A comprehensive final report on the indexing of the collection is available from Bibliogamma.



Brixen Pharmacy Museum
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