Parish of Signat

Library of the St. Martin Parish of Signat

For centuries Signat was under the supervision of the Parish of Unterrinn. As there was no pastoral care in Signat itself and attendance of Sunday Mass meant a long walk on foot to either Unterrin or Bozen demand grew to have a local priest on a permanent basis. This led to the construction of the parsonage in Signat in 1854.
In 1933 the Franciscans from Bozen took on responsibility for pastoral care in Signat. After the death of the last Curate, P. Januar Ganzer in 1988 the Franciscans no longer accepted responsibility. Today Signat is once again under the supervision of the Parish of Unterrinn. The library consists of 744 works of which a large proportion is catechesis.

Manfred Schmidt, Die Franziskaner-Bibliotheken Kaltern, Innichen, Signat und Klosterlechfeld, Brixen 2007



Location: Franciscan Convent of Bozen

Library Structure